Removal Service

Our dedicated team of professional and technical offer 24/7 services of removing your loved ones from the place of death to our premises. This service is readily available via our contact numbers. Call 087 145 4545 / WhatsApp +27 60 537 6953


Repatriation is the transfer of a deceased to or from another part of the world so that they can be laid to rest. We have helped several families achieve peace of mind by making appropriate final arrangements from many international destinations.


We prepare necessary documents and file for certificates and permits to make your burial hassle free, such as Registration of death and death certificates.

Morgue Services

We provide outstanding mortuary service to all our clients.

Embalming & Mortuary Services

The time we spend caring for someone’s needs, does not end with death. The body is removed from the place of death and brought back to our mortuary. Kingdom Blue staff will obtain your permission and should explain what exactly will be done this includes and not limited to bathing and disinfecting the body for dignity and respect of the deceased. The next steps are ultimately decided by the family or friends in charge of arranging services. The body can be prepared and embalmed. Embalming is a method of temporarily preserving the body to:

  • Make it easier to transport the body over a long distance.
  • Give survivors ample time to schedule and hold funeral services.
  • Enable the body to be viewed in an open casket.


We have professional graphic artists that can create befitting obituary posters and funeral programs, for prints and electronic media.

Graveside Decoration

Our graveside décor is inclusive of a branded canopy, lowering devise and green mats. These are expertly laid out to provide a beautiful scenery at the final resting place of your beloved