Our Services

Employee Plan

Provide financial protection and funeral cover to employees and dependents with affordable, customized funeral plans. The plan pays a lump-sum benefit for funeral and related expenses for each employee insured. Plans are individually prepared according to the size, nature, and requirements of the employees/employer. Valid claims are paid within few hours after receiving all claim documents.

Individual Policy

You don’t need anyone else to take care of you, we’ve got you covered.  With no age restrictions, we will cover one member per premium.

Legal Plan

It is about peace of mind 

You never know when life will throw a problem your way and you will end up needing a lawyer. law is expensive, traumatic. For an affordable monthly premium starting from *R100, insure and protect your legal rights and save on paying expensive legal fees. Our policies cover civil, labor and criminal cases.

Family Cover

At Kingdom Blue, we believe that family is everything.  Therefore we are here to take care of all of them.   We cover up to 14 members per Family Plan.

Group/Society/Church Plans

Kingdom blue offers you a Funeral cover that provides a unique package tailor-made for Burial Societies, Social clubs, Churches, Stokvels, Groups etc. We offer 6 Cover levels to choose from. Our Group Plans offer affordable premiums, easy administration, and a complete peace of mind.

A group member can either claim cash or funeral service

From only R70 per member per month (The Plan covers 6 adults and 4 Children not older than 21 years of age)


Death knows no borders  , it can occur away from home this is why all our Funeral Policies include a repatriation benefit. This is a service that allows for the transportation of the deceased’s body back Home. We also assist with the arrangement of necessary documentation and co-ordination with the relevant authorities

Cash Policy

For a low premium of *R30 the policy Pays out a lump sum of R5 000 on the event of death of an insured person. When a loved one dies money is needed for immediate expenses such as unpaid bills, transport, airtime, etc. The deceased might have passed on in another country/back home or in a distant place and there is a need for you to travel immediately. The fact is there will be things to take care of during this difficult period, let us help you save. 

Income Loss Plan

Ensure that you are covered in the event of losing your job.  We will pay the main members premiums for 3 consecutive months.