Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance insurance refers to any kind of insurance that covers individuals against loss that results from death, injury, or loss of property. These insurance lines generally protect people and their families from losses they couldn’t afford to cover on their own. Personal insurance lines make it possible to do things such as driving a car and owning a home without
risking financial ruin.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic
collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle.

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  • We offer 3 options to cover your vehicle:

    3rd Party Only

    3rd Party Fire and Theft

    Comprehensive Insurance

  • We offer a Work from Home Option, which covers vehiclethat travel less to and from

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Trailer and Caravan

  • We offer comprehensive insurance for either your trailer or your caravan.

Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft Insurance is an umbrella term for three types of insurance: boat insurance, yacht insurance, and personal watercraft insurance. It protects against damages to vessels powered by a motor that has horsepower of at least 25 miles per
hour (mph).

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Home Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household personal possessions and furnishings,
such as curtains, furniture, white goods, stereo, TV, computers
and other electrical appliances, clothing, jewellery, sporting
equipment and even toys.

Making sure your priceless possessions are well taken car of in
the event of theft.

Buildings Cover Insurance

Essentially, home insurance takes the form of either buildings or contents insurance, or a combined policy which includes both. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home as well as any fixtures and fittings including fitted kitchens and bathroom suites.

All Risk Insurance

Insurance that protects the items you take out of your home, against all-risks like loss, damage, and theft. This includes your bicycle, cell phone, laptop, watches, wearable devices and more.

Rest assure that your portable valuables are well taken care of and covered.

Personal Legal Liability

It covers compensation, damages and legal costs for accidental death, injury or illness to people, or damage to or loss of property arising out of negligence on the part of the policy holder or their immediate family,

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Personal Accident

Is designed to pay out compensation if you suffer from a serious injury or death as the result of an accident. It can protect you and your family against loss of income, and help them with bills and other expenses.

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