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Legal Plan
You never know when life will throw a problem your way and you will end up needing a lawyer.
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Investment Plan
We offer flexible Investments terms, from short, to medium to long term investments. 
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Education Plan
Apart from believing in children’s education, we believe that any person deserves a good education.
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Flexi Saver
This is a goal-saver investment plan. Any amount from R100 upwards can be invested monthly.
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Income Loss Policy
It is calculated as 10% of the total premium of the Funeral Policy, Cash Policy, After Tears Policy and/or Legal Policy.
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All-In-One Package
This is an all in package for the following products Funeral, Education and Legal, this package has huge discount on the premium payments
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Diamond Package
The diamond package covers funeral cover and education plan. It has huge saving on monthly premiums.
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Cash Policy
Get R5000 Cash. Starting from as little as R30 per month, we cover one individual per premium.
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After Tears Policy
Lost a loved one? Our After Tears policy pays out over a 6 months period to ensure that you have funds available.
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Funeral Policies
We cover individuals, families, groups, employees and many more.
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