Education Plan

The only gift you can give your child. 

Apart from believing in children’s education, we believe that any person deserves a good education.  Secure a future and build stronger financial security by investing in our Education Plan.  Earn 10% interest per year and 125% interest after 10 years.

Plan for Your Child’s Education with Kingdom Blue Education Plan. Your children deserve the best future you can provide them with, so start saving for your child’s education. The cost of education is forever rising you need to start planning now. Our Plans are simple and flexible, you can access your money when you need it.


Level Smart Saver Focus Saver Bright Star Saver
Monthly Premium R 180 R 260 R 380
  • You have an option to select a double, triple, quad cover or more on the package of your choice.
  • You must nominate a beneficiary, in case of death, the stated beneficiary can claim or continue with the policy.
  • If the main member and the nominated beneficiary are deceased, a family member must bring the main member and the stated beneficiary’s death certificates in order for them to claim.
  • The policy covers one individual per premium.
  • The Plan does not Lapse, premiums should be paid monthly.  If you do not pay monthly, the maturity period will be extended according to the time frame that you have missed.