Flexi Saver

Save money on your own terms

It is simply an account for you to put money in and earn interest every month.

Savings interest is paid tax-free, and most will not pay any tax on it at all.

We can help you meet financial goals with our Flexi Saver plans.

This is a goal-saver investment plan. Any amount from R100 upwards can be invested monthly. Earn 1.5% interest monthly by simply investing your money with us. You can save whenever you can, up to an amount of R4999.

Set a small, achievable short-term goal for something fun and big enough that you are not likely to have the cash on hand to pay for it, such as a new smartphone or holiday gifts. We help you to prioritize your savings goals, so you have a clear idea of where to start saving. For example, if you know you are going to need to replace your car in the near future, you could start putting money away for one now and earn 1.5% monthly.

 Get your money to grow more money